The Neighbourhood performed some Female Robbery when they stopped into Providence and stopped our hearts with their dark, undeniable sultriness. Stick your toes in the sand and remember the fourth show of the WBRU Dunkin' Donuts Summer Concert Series by clicking the recap vid above.

Each week, WBRU asks our listeners to let us know one question they would like to ask the WBRU Dunkin' Donuts Summer Concert Series band playing that week. We choose the best question, ask the band, and reward the winner with swag and VIP access to that Friday's concert! Here is our winning Dunkin' Fan of the Week question from Mary Seng for The Neighbourhood on 6-28-13: Do you actually hate the beach?
Click the video below to hear their answer!

Also, remember the Dunkin' Dance Dares we've been repping? Below is a video of people freaking out on Cuppy the Dunkin' Donuts mascot in the pursuit of a sweet, sweet gift card.